Stab Mag Feature of Clay Marzo

  I am really stoked to have a few of my photos used in a new feature up now on Stab Mag all about Clay Marzo and his freakish surfing.  Clay is continuing to blow peoples minds and is letting his surfing do all the talking.  

  This portrait of Clay was not the easiest shot to get. Clay doesn't really like taking shots unless they are of surfing so when I asked him to do a few portraits the look on his face  changes drastically.   Some times I just tell him to pretend that I'm  not there and to just keep doing what ever he is doing.  I have to be sneaky as i pic off a few candid moments, while Clay usually just looks the other way.  I really just want to capture Clay being him self, so for this portrait I just let him be him self and do what ever he wanted and I am pretty happy with the result.


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