Fairley Wedding

First off I am not a wedding photographer.  I do love taking photos but this art form is something better left to the professionals.  I have never shot a wedding and I'm not planning on becoming a wedding photog any time soon purely because I don't  think I could handle the pressure of getting all those special shots that a wedding photographer has to nail.   To me it seems way more hectic shooting a wedding than swimming 8ft slabs at first light.  Not sure how that works.

  Last week end my good mates Tom and Brittanie asked me to shoot a few photos at their wedding and although the thought of this scares the absolute shit out of me I thought it would be a great gift for them to have and look back on, so I shot my first wedding photos.

  Mark Pace, a real wedding Photog and a good mate of mine (pacephotos.com.au), was shooting on the day, so that left me to float around and just shoot what ever I see with minimum stress.  I had  really good time and felt I did ok for my first time but I have a long way to go before I could even imagine trying to take on the entire wedding.

  Tom and Brittany Both looked amazing so it wasn't to hard to get some really cool moments of their special day.  Congratulations to you two and I wish you a very Happy Future.  We had so much fun down south and we are so excited to get back down there for an other trip with you both soon!!!


These are a few of my favourite moments from the day!!!

All photos in Portfolio are available for print.  Please email MikeRileyPhoto@hotmail.com with you requests.